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Cycling Ronda's Highways

Welcome to Cycleronda an official rental bike company with the ¨Commitment to Tourism Quality¨.

Welcome to Cycleronda, we are a professional rental bike company in the heart of Ronda who has first hand knowledge of the major cycling routes in Ronda, Andalusia and in Southern Spain. Why not choose a cycling holiday with Cycleronda as we can offer you the latest GT and TREK bikes to ride along our unique cycling routes.

The cycling routes are not only picturesque and serene, some of them will take you through the "white villages" of Andalusia, where you can experience Spanish culture first hand.

For a cycling adventure that suits your style of riding why not try mountain biking, road cycling, riding an electric bike or perhaps a custom cycling tour with Cycleronda. Only being 1 hour 20 minutes away from Malaga and Seville, Ronda is the ideal place for a cycling holiday for the fun at heart, or for the serious cyclist.

Cycleronda Rental Bikes in Ronda, Andalusia

Cycleronda was founded in 2008, and for many years we have rented the latest GT and TREK bicycles that have proven to be durable against the tough terrain. Many cyclists who have experienced one of our cycling holidays have been proud to say that, “Cycleronda had made their bicycle tour an unforgettable one”.

Ferry Staleman from Cycleronda

Ferry Staleman, of Cycleronda offers an unforgettable self-guided cycling experience, as he has first hand knowledge of the area having been an avid road cyclist for 10 years, and has enjoyed mountain biking and hiking, for the last few years.

We can offer you unique bike routes, cycling profiles, and detailed maps and make sure you have everything before you commence one of our bike tours. As we speak several languages, Dutch (native), English, Spanish and German you can always feel comfortable talking to us about your cycling holiday.

Our shop is based in Ronda, which is a small city surrounded by impressive mountain ranges with awesome views for cycling. The advantage of using Ronda as a base is you can cycle in any direction, and make loops back to Ronda, and either have lunch, relax in your hotel, go shopping or perhaps ride another route.

With our very own bus and modern train station, you can travel to Ronda by public transport or visit other Spanish provinces or small villages during your stay. Let's not forget that our rental bike shop is only 5 minutes away from Ronda's bus and train station!

Cylceronda also has a professional workshop in which we prepare and repair all of our rental bikes. We also offer a small range of cycling products and bike tools. In Ronda there are professional bike or sports shops which are close by, in case you need any cycling wear (clothing), special bike parts, energy bars, gels etc.

Why not come to Ronda and experience cycling at it's finest, and during your stay you might like to try other outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, bird watching or perhaps a botanical walk.

Bike Hire in Andalusia

Hybrid TREK 7300

Are you looking for a cycling tour that offers top quality rental bikes? At Cycleronda we have the latest hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes or electric bikes to make your cycling tour a fun but comfortable ride. We also offer a range of bike parts, informative cycling maps, self-guided tours, affordable prices, and first hand knowledge of the area. Hire a bike with Cycleronda and let us make your cycling tour a memorable one.

Bike Hire in Andalusia with Cycleronda...

Cycle Routes Around the Serranía de Ronda

Cycling Maps - Llano de Libar (height 1000 m)

Routes, routes and more bike routes. In the last 10 years Cycleronda has ridden and prepared over 5000 kilometres of cycle routes from the area of Cádiz to Granada. Mostly we use small secondary roads and only when necessary you’ll need to ride a small stretch on a major road.

Every bike route comes with detailed descriptions so it's very easy to find your way to White Villages, gorges and spectacular view points. If you cycle on road you can also rely on signs that indicate village names, scenic area’s or archeological places, but once you go off road, you’ll depend on our descriptions and maps, as there are no markers.

Bike Routes around The Serrania de Ronda...

Discover Andalusia by Bike

Discover Andalusia By Bike - Zahara Village

Have you ever been in this beautiful part of Spain? Well, if not then there is a world of things to see by bike which you might not of expected. Did you know that Andalusia covers more than 17% of Spanish territory, and there are 8 provinces within this area! Each province has their own dialect, culture and cycling terrain.

Andalusia is one of Spain’s greenest parts which surprises most cyclists. This is because of our rainy winter, which means in the Spring the country side is bursting with wild flowers, lush green fields and refreshing country air. Even in Winter Andalusian landscapes are coloured by splashes of green from the evergreen Olive trees.

Cycling in and around Andalusia...

Other Services

Other Rental Bike Services Cycleronda Offer

You might think we only rent bikes, but we can do much more! Imagine you arrive at a strange Airport (with your bike), and you don’t want to get lost on the first day, we can arrange an Airport pick up, including your bicycle if necessary!

Maybe you would like to ride your bike, but without any luggage, we can also arrange this extra service with a luggage transfer which could be a real attractive option. Lets not forget our free knowledgable service of: the area, bike routes, maps, information about accomodation for cyclists, technical details of bikes etc.

Rental Bike Services Cycleronda Offer...