General Information

Do I have to drive around Ronda, park and pick up my reserved bike?

No! We bring your reserved rental bike to you!

This means we’ll ask on forehand at booking, where you stay in Ronda or surrounding. If drop off is too far, or not possible (think about apartments without parking at the door) then we can meet at the Bike Friendly hotel San Francisco in the heart of Ronda.

How much does it cost to rent a bike?
How fit do I need to be?
Do I need travel and health insurance?
How can I find my good frame size?


What do I need to pack?

If your cycling tour is several days long we suggest you pack at least 2-3 pairs of cycling pants and jerseys/tops. We highly advise when riding in Andalusia you bring: sunglasses, sun cream, after sun moisturiser and a white or light coloured cotton bandanna/scarf (to protect your neck from getting sunburnt). If you burn easily, we also advise wearing long sleeved T-shirts/jerseys and full length cycling gloves for maxium sun protection. If your cycling during the winter months we also recommend that you bring waterproof cycling gear.

If you're going off road mountain biking, please bring your own Camelback. Also all of our bikes have standard pedals, therefore you'll need to bring your own clippless pedals, and remember don’t forget your shoes! Finally don't forget your helmet if you prefer to use your own! (we provide helmets for a small extra charge with our rental bikes). In Spain bike helmets are compulsory, therefore all cyclists are expected to wear one.

Can I use my own bike?
To transport your bike safely
Do I need to bring spares for my own bike?


Can I book a hotel whilst I reserve my rental bike for the Cycling tour?
Unfortunately we're not a travel agent and therefore were not allowed to make accomodation bookings. Nevertheless we are pleased to help you with any enquiry you might have regarding accomodation. But remember it’s very personal what someone likes to book; apartment, hotel, rural house, Villa etc. 

Ronda city’s website (www.turismoderonda.es) has a lot of informative information about accomodation in the Serrania de Ronda. Or see booking.com and airbnb.com.


And what about my luggage whilst I’m riding my rental bike?
Can Cycleronda drop off rental bikes at our hotel?


Can I get an Airport Transfer?
Yes you can, but only if you've previously arranged this. We'll meet you at the airport when your flight arrives, and will return you for the connecting flight home in plenty of time. Most flights arrive late morning, but sometimes we may need to wait if there are other cyclists arriving shortly after your flight.

Note: As this service is done by a local taxi company, please pay them directly at drop off at your accomodation.

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Which Airport is the Best and Most Comfortable?
How long does it take to get from the Airport to Ronda?